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10 Jan 2023
Marketing & PR Manager Role

Ira specialises in how strategy, culture and creativity can shape new solutions for a thriving Aotearoa. We work with many government ministries, businesses and brands that want to make a significant contribution to the future of our beautiful country.

Tēnā koe, thanks for taking the time to read about this exciting opportunity.

We have been quietly doing innovative and creative work, winning awards and the loyalty of our clients. We’re growing and in high demand. We want to capitalise on the inertia we have created and our transition to a new te reo Māori name.

So we’re on the hunt for an experienced marketer, with a passion for great storytelling, engaging people and who loves Aotearoa culture to help our founder and Creative Director to relaunch our brand in 2023.

Some of the key aspects of the role include:

Branded Content

Help develop new content that tells the Ira story in written form and video, giving us content to share in PR, across digital channels and on our own website.

  • Maintain message clarity
  • Define marketing channels to get our message exposed
  • Oversee budget and timeline

New Digital Presence

Deliver a new digital strategy, creating an impactful presence across a new website and enhanced social content and SEO.

  • Reposition us in the market
  • Be found easily in the core areas of cultural design, strategy, branding, content development etc.
  • Develop an engaged following in Instagram and Linked In
  • Develop paid campaigns to capitalise on important news:
    • New hires
    • Thought leadership articles
    • Awards won
    • New clients won
    • New work delivered

Thought Leadership & Cultural Competency Services

Our founder is a well respected thought leader in cultural strategy and creativity, running cultural competency workshops throughout the country. We will be monetising these, creating digital subscription products and enhancing the delivery of in person workshops.

  • Maximise PR opportunities to promote the products and services
  • Build our reputation as a thought leader in the right circles

You’ll love this role if:

  • You love brand, storytelling and being part of the creative process
  • You have a good knowledge of how to help a small brand grow their presence in cost effective and innovative ways.
  • You have genuine passion for Aotearoa culture, you value te reo Māori and you enjoy the way our country is embracing our unique heritage.
  • You’re keen for a short project, unlocking some great potential.

We have never hired this position before. Our brand has always been a natural extension of who we are and very authentic and natural. So this role will be something new for us and require a team player to shape the role, strategy and KPIs. We need someone who can work well with our Creative Director, provide expert Marketing advice across a wide variety of touch points and be flexible in ways of working.

It is anticipated that this is a 4 - 5 month role for 10 - 15 hours a week.

Apply by emailing our Owner and Creative Director at