Te Ohu Kaimoana 2019

21 Feb 2020

In 2018 we developed a new aesthetic for Te Ohu Kaimoana’s Annual Report, themed around the flight of a manu. It won at Best Awards!

So in 2019, we followed that up with a second act. Te Hā O Tangaroa expresses the vitality of our moana and the creativity infused into this work.







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Te Hā O Tangaroa translates to the breath of Tangaroa, but more so, the energy, vitality and flourishing nature of our oceans. Te Ohu Kaimoana had developed a clear visual strategy of the four pou (pillars) of Tangaroa, each one an anchor in the strategy to ensure the oceans are thriving for generations to come. The four pou are expressed with typography that is strong and erect.

Our design work kept a consistent aesthetic with the 2018 report, but introduced more flexibility and diversity of expression to ensure the kōwhaiwhai patterns represented the energy and vitality of Tangaroa breathed across the pages of the report.

With the beautiful photography of Erica Sinclair expresses the mauri (life energy) of the people and communities that the work of Te Ohu Kaimoana seeks to benefit. Real people who keep one foot in the waters of Tangaroa and the other firmly planted on the land.

As always, a pleasure to work with great people, doing great work for our environment and our people.

Ka ora ki tai
Ka hua ki uta


Creative Director - Johnson McKay
Design Director - Tim Hansen
Designer - Storm Smith, Jason Fantonial, Siobhon Joe
Campaign Director - Adeline Chua
Clients: Bede Dwyer, Fran Olds