Sanitarium Made From More

28 Aug 2018

Sanitarium products are made with love, passion and care. We created a campaign to help share this passion at the point of purchase.







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Project Overview

Sanitarium is a household name. We know Weet Bix, Corn Flakes and Marmite. But it’s not always easy to draw attention to the broader range of cereals. Most people are on robot mode and disruption can be a challenge.

We created a the “Made From More” campaign in both the New World and Countdown supermarkets to draw attention to the craft and quality that goes into creating a Sanitarium cereal. Manuka honey from the South Island, freeze dried strawberries from Germany, the best wheat from Australia.

It’s a labour of love.

Creative Concept

To convey the passion put into Sanitarium products, we commissioned Flox to create a series of artworks that we designed into limited edition tea towels and shopping bags, given away as gift with purchase during a three week window.

These beautiful items were visual disruption and bring the Sanitarium brand into people’s homes as a permanent reminder.

The campaign rolled out in over 300 supermarkets nationwide, as merchandise and point of sale, supported by a social media and digital content.


Creative Director: Johnson McKay
Design Director: Jason Fantonial
Designer: Storm Smith
Campaign Director: Melody Casse
Contributors: Flox