Māori Television Rebrand

3 Aug 2022

Over a 3 year journey we supported Māori Television in their shift from being a television channel to the heart of the Māori movement.

In 2003 Māori Television was formed to support the aspirations for the revitalisation of Te Reo Māori. Over the following two decades, the way we consume media has radically changed, along with a new generation of audiences with totally different expectations. We were brought in to help support a brave shift towards Māori Television being more than a television channel.

The strategy was to capture the energy of a warm and passionate community. A movement of manaaki that welcomes all New Zealanders in to experience the creativity and beauty of Te Ao Māori.

To be a movement, not a TV channel required a shift in name. Our proposal was to phase the Māori Television logo out. First by reducing the size of the word Television and bringing balance into the word Māori. The transition was to then focus on the word “Māori”, with small suffixes that reinforce a wider content offering. TV, Radio, Haka, News, Sport. A gathering of the very best of Māori entertainment.

There were many different visual treatments used within the brand that created a lack of consistency. We simplified the brand down to graphic treatments that reinforced the iconic spiral in the logo. The original brand was created with CMYK (print) colour formulations that did not translate well in digital environments, feeling old and lacking a fresh appeal. We revised the iconic orange for digital spaces and removed the grey in favour of crisp white.

A full suite of on air graphics, website design, social content templates, collateral design and merchandise removed 20 years of various version of the brand in favour of a single minded brand identity across all mediums.

In 2022, Māori Television made the brave leap to rebrand as Whakaata Māori. While we did not design this final logo, our work laid the foundation in streamlining the identity in preparation for the new name. Whakaata means to present, display, mirror. Whakaata Māori displays the best of Te Ao Māori, presenting a thriving and vibrant community for the world to be inspired by and be part of.


Client Lead - Keeley Sanders, Shane Taurima
Creative Director - Johnson McKay
Design Director - Tim Hansen
Design Team - Storm Smith, Siobhon Joe, Jason Fantonial,
Malachi McKay, Salem McKay