L&P Summer Love

22 Jan 2019

L&P is summer vibes, distilled into liquid form. Our brief was to celebrate its place in the New Zealand cultural landscape, strengthening the love Kiwis have for the brand and capitalising on the increase in summer drinks sales. It's a time when every drinks brand is vying for attention. Cutting through is tough, especially against titans of the trade, like Coca Cola.








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L&P has two target audiences: 16 - 24 year olds and Main Household Shoppers. The struggle is real to find ways to engage both, without becoming splintered.

To create maximum disruption on shelf and long term brand connection, we created a set of limited edition summer cans and multi-pack packaging.

One strategic element of the brief was to align L&P to a summer meal occasion. Everyone knows L&P & summer goes together like fish & chips & cheeky dips. So this inspired artwork that could bring the fish n chips relationship into the campaign narrative. We worked with illustrator Toby Morris to create a series of fun illustrations that became the building blocks for 2 limited edition cans, packaging design, collateral and campaign content. The can art was limited to 8 colours, four of which had to be L&P's logo colours. The client was nervous about introducing any other colours. But the vibrant oranges and blues helped create an exciting pop of summer energy that resonated deeply as transported people to that iconic summer moment.

Summer is the time many people get out of the boardroom and into their board shorts. The campaign was supported by strategically placed outdoor media, close to the best fish n chip stores and corner stores in summer locations. To launch the outdoor campaign, beach towels were put up for people to get their hands on (and around their sandy bums). Gas station punters received a free sipper cup to keep their L&P ice cold. Social content kept L&P top of mind.

Sold in 375 and 440ml sizes and in supermarket 8, 24 and 30 pack multi-boxes, the limited edition cans kicked some serious sales butt, with a year on year growth of 11.4%.Sales in grocery of 30 can packs were up 24%, having captured the Main Household Shopper’s attention.

The campaign delivered strong sales results and campaign defining engagement from consumers. Colmar Brunton brand tracking reported a significant shift in consumer engagement. 90% of the teen market said the campaign was definitely good at making them remember the brand. Nearly 70% of the respondents felt more positive about L&P as a result of seeing the campaign. 83% found it distinctive and engaging. The campaign created strong recall, engagement and response rates.

These results smashed expectations, which are usually around the 35% mark for areas like engagement, distinctiveness and recall.

This has become an exemplary case study within Coca Cola Amatil on how to leverage the existing loyalty in a brand, disrupt in store and engage people through the line to deliver sales and a long term brand affinity.


Client - Coca Cola Amatil - Angela Broad
Strategy & Creative Direction - Johnson McKay
Illustration - Toby Morris
Design - Jason Fantonial, Storm Smith
Photography - Jared Clark
Media Strategy - Ikon Group