L&P Kia Pai Te Raumati

12 Dec 2022

For the past 7 years we’ve had the privilege of creating a Limited Edition Summer campaign for L&P across packaging, digital, social, media and in-store activations. This is a special one - a summer can all in te reo Māori. An amazing way to celebrate the best season of the year.

L&P has always celebrated the iconic Kiwi summer. BBQs and board shorts, surfing and sunburn. Always fun, always light, it’s become an anticipated tradition

We’ve always used te reo Māori in the brand. But now we took it all the way to introduce everything in te reo Māori. A challenging and rewarding opportunity.

Kia Pai Te Raumati literally means “have a great summer.” The can celebrates what we all love in phrases that introduce people to a summer vocabulary. To “ruku ki te moana” is to diving in the ocean. Haere ki tātahi is go on a beach trip.

Through a series of content across outdoor, social and in-store channels we normalise te reo Māori as something to be expected by a Kiwi brand.

Led by our Head of Strategy & Culture, Johnson McKay who worked with te reo Māori experts Tūrei Hamiora-Ormsby of Taupua Solutions and Te Taura Whiri I Te Reo Māori, the Māori Language Commission. Together they tried to solve how to say things like “lemony goodness”, “limited summer edition” and “nutritional information.”

One of the highlights of the campaign was a sponsorship with Six60’s summer tour and using only te reo Māori in their posters. It caused a PR gold mine, when Australian Media criticised Six60 for it, leading to a brave strategic twist in Six60’s campaign strategy. To find out more about this read our article here about it. It’s genius!


Strategy & Creative Direction - Johnson McKay
Design - Jason Fantonial, Storm Smith, Bhushan Purohit, Salem Mckay
Te Reo Māori Creativity - Tūrei Hamiora-Ormsby
Video & Animation - Westone Productions, Malachi McKay, Storm Smith