Hira Branding

18 Aug 2022

The National Health Information Authority needed a name and a brand story that not only communicated their purpose, but represented the value they bring to the world. Our brief was to help them create and tell this story. ‘Hira’ represents the promise and hope of better health outcomes for all New Zealanders.

Hira means to have a widespread effect, to be significant and important. The Te Reo Māori words is the new name for the National Health Information Platform created by the Ministry of Health. The propose of Hira is to enable people and their health providers to have better access to their health information.

Hira is a trusted source of digital services that empowers New Zealanders by providing them with better access and control of their health information. Ever been to the hospital, your GP, a physiotherapist and had to explain your health information over and over? Hira would make it that all your health information is available for better health decisions and better care.

The H Device is inspired by a pathway at the centre, bringing the whānau and health professional together to make informed decisions that lead to better health. Our inspiration was the cultural pattern called poutama. It is a step pattern that represents the journey of Tane to the highest heaven to gain important knowledge. When the H logo is stacked into a repeat motif, it forms the same step pattern, creating connected pathways to access of information.

Our communications strategy assists the Hira message to be tailored to diverse audiences. The Doctor, User, software developer or researcher. This ensures that the Hira message is understood and all connected back to one set of clear communications.


Creative Director - Johnson McKay
Design Director - Tim hansen
Strategy - Sabine Hogguer
Design - Siobhon Joe, Storm Smith, Jason Fantonial