Connecting Through Kōrero

15 Nov 2018

Far too many of our community are struggling and need extra strength and support. But also, far too many of us are not sure how to extend the love and care we feel for those at risk in our families and communities. Connecting Through Kōrero is a resource created to help us to help others.









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Our Brief

Mental Health Foundation had created an amazing resource, full of expert advice on how families, particularly parents and grandparents, can kōrero about difficult issues with the younger generation.

Our brief was to ensure that the subject matter was handled with the warmth and care that the subject matter required. Further, to ensure that there was a strong connection to Māori values, to ensure it resonated with the Māori community.

Our Approach

Our recommendations were to use a bold, confident font and colour choice for all the positive and empowering messages, while reducing the more challenging concepts (such as the word suicide) to a simpler, supportive font.

We also created a beautiful illustration of a adult in communication with a young person. They are both positioned as if sharing a breath (hongi) and through that shared breath extend warmth, mauri and mana to each other. The shared breath brings unity and strength. The use of kōru and mangopare motifs convey notions of strength and hope.

The design aesthetic was used to create a variety of electronic and print resources, as well as animated social content.

"As a result of Fly’s design work, our resources have flown out the door and I have received positive feedback from Maori organisations across the sector. This tells us Maori are connecting more with our work and are participating in our campaigns, and Fly’s involvement has been instrumental in this.

Ellen Norman, Mental Health Foundation
of New Zealand Māori Development Manager.


MHF Māori Development Manager: Ellen Norman
MHF Marketing Manager: Amanda Wickman
MHF Team: Sophia Graham, Zoe Hawke and Moira Clunie

Creative Direction: Johnson McKay
Design Director: Tim Hansen
Design: Jason Fantonial
Animation: Storm Smith
Campaign Direction: Melody Casse