Tīkina mai rā ko ngā kete o te wānanga, hei huruhuru māu.

We are passionate about connecting communities together to create solutions or a thriving Aotearoa. Our workshops are where understanding and inspiration informs creativity and innovation. We develop workshops for individual clients and for the wider community.

With even a small spark of knowledge, new pathways open up. Our workshops distill down those key insights that assist organisations to transform.


We can custom craft a workshop to solve a specific problem you face. Or, you might want to join us at one of the workshops below.

Designing An Authentic Aotearoa

Globally, there is a hunger for authentic brands, experiences and a connection with people and community. This has created an increased desire to authentically engage with and share Māori culture, narratives and forms of expression. Learn how to create authentic Māori cultural design and narratives at this full day workshop for your whole team.

Introduction to Te Ao Māori

The creative & business community connects people to ideas, products and services that shape who we are as a people and a nation. This workshop enables you to take your first brave steps into te Ao Māori (the Māori world view) to deepen your understanding of Māori culture, values and perspectives. This workshop will increase your teams confidence to engage with Māori communities and represent Māori aspirations.

The Business of Design

To harness the power of creativity requires deep insight and bravely pursuing innovation until it makes us wobbly at the knees. But it’s often harder than it sounds. The Business of Design is a model Ira has developed over 15 years for assisting creatives at seeking insights and pitching work in a persuasive manner. It also empowers clients to know how to understand creative process and how to pitch work to their senior stake holders. We present a tried and tested model that brings these two partners together in a new spirit of creative collaboration.

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