Welcome to Te Ao Māori

25 Jul 2022

Join us to discover the spirit and dynamism that can inspire how you engage with Māori communities and Māori ideas and values


Date: September 29 @ 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Location: to confirm – Christchurch, Cristchurch, New Zealand + Google Map

Prices: $450+gst Professional | $350+gst Design Assembly Friend | $125+gst Design Assembly Student Friend

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​Content for the Workshop

As a nation we are seeking a deeper relationship with our unique culture, stories and connection to this land. This workshop helps us to understand and embrace te ao Māori perspectives and principles that define the Māori experience and can help create a more bi-cultural Aotearoa, where Māori culture is an important part of our national identity.

Te Tuakiri – Cultural Identity

How the Māori concept of identity is shaped by connections between atua, taiao and tāngata, or the spiritual realm, physical environment and community and how the affects Māori environmental and social attitudes.

Te Orokohangangā o te Ao – The Creation of the World
How the creation narrative informs tikanga Māori, social roles, customs and rituals. What we can learn about the purpose of life, including principles of tapu, mana, pono, tika and aroha.

Ngā Kete o Te Wānanga – The Baskets of Knowledge
How knowledge is organised into three distinct categories and cultural practises around how knowledge is to be used and protected. How can we cherish mātauranga Māori cultural knowledge without appropriating it?

Te Pōwhiri – Weaving People Together

Processes of developing relationships, negotiation and dispute resolution as experienced on marae, in work places and in the whānau. How can we participate in cultural processes with confidence?

Ngā Taonga Māori – Māori Cultural Treasure

We are inspired by Māori cultural expression in song, dance and art. These play a vital part in Māori culture and identity. How do we elevate these as part of a shared national identity?

Te Tiriti o Waitangi – The Treaty of Waitangi
An introduction into how Te Tiriti, when understood can transform New Zealand society into a more equitable, just and fair society. What role can Māori and non-Māori play in creating a better Aotearoa?

Hohou Te Rongo – A Binding Peace
Māori concepts of restoring balance provide insight into resolving systemic equity issues for Māori and the role Māori and non-Māori can play as equal partners.