Designing An Authentic Aotearoa

25 Jul 2022

Join us for a cultural experience, understanding how to design an authentic Aotearoa, shaping and expressing our national identity through the meaningful inclusion of Māori cultural narratives and visual language.


Date: September 30 @ 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Location: to confirm – Christchurch, Cristchurch, New Zealand + Google Map

Prices: $450+gst Professional | $350+gst Design Assembly Friend | $150+gst Design Assembly Student Friend

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As a country, we are seeking to create a more authentic Aotearoa, through the meaningful inclusion of Māori cultural narratives and visual language, normalising Māori culture as an important part of our experience. The creative community plays a big role in shaping Aotearoa through how we design products and services, environments and experiences. This workshop will help anyone who would like to explore and understand Māori design, in a supportive environment.

The workshop explores three key aspects to using Māori design:

Toi Māori – Māori Artforms
We review a broad spectrum of historical and contemporary case studies of Māori design to define the principles of Māori art forms and how we can apply these to contemporary applications. We explore the dichotomy of tradition versus innovation.

Tikanga Māori – Principles of Protection
Māori art and design are taonga, to be protected from abuse or appropriation. Gain a deeper understanding of key aspects of Tikanga Māori and how they protect and elevate Māori design in a variety of contexts. How can Māori and non-Māori play a role to protect cultural art forms and elevate them as a taonga.

Tukanga Auaha – Creative Process
Working with Māori cultural knowledge experts requires new processes. We discuss different kinds of partnership models with Iwi Māori and Māori artists and how creative process can achieve the best results.