L&P Road Trip

7 Sep 2022

L&P is summer vibes distilled into liquid form. To celebrate it’s place in the New Zealand cultural landscape, we created the Summer Road Trip campaign. A celebration of all the hot spots and summer stops around Aotearoa.





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A Summery Retouch

We ran a social campaign, finding out where Kiwis love to go in summer - those hidden valleys and beautiful bays hardly anyone can pronounce. We then got our man Toby Morris to create hand painted signs, reminiscent of the familiar signs we see on a road trip out to the wops. These become a limited edition summer can, released in supermarkets and dairies and selling out as fast as the oyster shack in Matakana.

On a surf mission to Piha, we stumbled across this icon of kiwi nostalgia, who was travelling up and down New Zealand in his VW van. After a few hand shakes, eye brow lifts and ‘sup bros’ he was part of our campaign. We filmed him and his missus taking a tiki tour and that became the campaign promoting the limited edition summer cans on Facebook.

We enjoyed doing our part to keep one of New Zealand’s coolest brands, keeping Kiwis cool over summer.


Client - Coca Cola Amatil, Angela Broad
Strategy & Creative Direction - Johnson McKay
Illustration - Toby Morris
Design & Creative Content - Jason Fantonial
Photography - Jared Clark

"Nimble, strategically creative and bloody nice people spring to mind when working with Fly. Fantastic listeners who aren’t afraid to have their ideas shared and built on from other stakeholders in the business."

Angela Broad - Marketing Manager, CCA Sparkling